How do I shut down or restart my Beam?

The following instructions apply to Beam Standard and Enhanced models. 

Manual Procedures

Graceful Shutdown: Use this method prior to long term storage or to clear errors.

  1. Guide the Beam off the charging dock.
  2. Insert a USB keyboard into the USB port under the Beam screen. 
  3. From the Device Settings screen, choose Tools > Power > Shutdown.
  4. Remove the keyboard and allow the Beam to power down completely.
  5. Return the Beam to the charging dock for automatic restart.

Soft Shutdown: Powers down the Beam's head ONLY. The Beam will read as "Offline".

  1. Press the power button on the left side of the Beam's screen.
  2. Press the power button again to power the Beam back on.
Remote Procedures

Beam Standard: Beam Enhanced:

If you are experiencing an issue, please submit a ticket to for further assistance.

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